Writers' Trust of Canada



Words have the power to change worlds, but first they need to be written down. Since financial stress often keeps writers away from their work, The Writers’ Trust of Canada is on a mission to celebrate and support the literary community so their stories can be heard—across the country and around the world.

Campaign Components

  • Website
  • Brand Identity
  • Print
  • Event Design

Canadians give $162 million to the arts each year, but the art of writing often goes unrecognized.

Over two years, donations to The Writers’ Trust had flatlined, putting the future of Canadian writing at risk. Donors looking to support them were met by an out-of-date website and design system that failed to capture the dynamic, creative spirit of Canadian writers and their stories.


Create an identity for The Writer’s Trust that amplifies the inspiration, imagination, and ingenuity of Canadian writers.

We had the chance to show Canadians how writing is a central facet, not only to the arts, but to our national identity, all the while, encouraging new donations to support the literary community.


We redesigned every touchpoint with the Writers’ Trust from the ground up.

A new system that put writing back on par with the contemporary arts — celebrating the extreme importance of writing, but without any pretentiousness.

The cornerstone of the design system was strength. Writing couldn't be considered weak or lofty; it needed the power of that arts like music and dance naturally carried. We found this power in the shape of a turning page; a sharp, contrasting colour palette; strong portraits of the writers; stark layouts and abstract designs.

The Writers‘ Trust design reimagined the brand as a contemporary and important choice for writers, donors, and sponsors. Every channel was redesigned, from the website,to the events, to the award displays that adorned their prize-winning books at retail. This brand identity overhaul has redefined the Writers’ Trust value within the literary worldand increased donorship exponentially, and sets their brand up to lead with innovation and growth for years to come.