womenmind is a community of both emerging and established philanthropists that are tackling the unique gender issues that underrepresented people face when it comes to their mental health.

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Print
  • Social

There’s a need to address unique women-specific mental health issues.

Women face a different set of mental health challenges and its important to bring a gender-specific approach to research and discovery. CAMH found that this need isn’t being met. Females working in the field aren’t given equal opportunity and groundbreaking research isn’t being funded. womenmind aims to bring together a community of philanthropists to help make a difference.


womenmind wanted to represent the bold ambitions of CAMH’s women’s giving circle—the first of its kind for the hospital with aims of raising needed funding to close the gender gaps in mental health.

CAMH saw this as an important step to keep pace with other women and gender-focused giving circles at hospitals across the country and a key opportunity to create a united task force to help tackle issues that disproportionately impact women.


A new brand was created that aimed to echo not only the women who support it, but the science and research behind mental health awareness.

Using oscilating organic patterns that are reminiscent of brain scans, and stacked colours that speak to the tiered levels of giving (Advocates, Champions and Difference Makers), the logo and branding was meant to give a sense of warmth and compassion while still feeling bold and modern. The design system was rolled out to various touchpoints like social media, print and packaging along with event design.


In its first month of launch, womenmind received $13 million in donations from prominent Canadian philanthropists and companies.

These donations will accelerate discovery related to improving the mental health of girls and women and supporting female-identifying researchers to become leaders in the sciences.