Walter Caesar



What does it take to successfully launch a product? Quality, pricing, logistics, and marketing are all mandatory. But the most important component is often missed: a consistent brand experience. Every new product is an invitation for millions of new customers to discover the brand behind it. So when Walter Craft Caesar launched the most important product in their history, we ensured the rest of the Walter brand was at its best.


Products never launch alone.

When Walter Caesar introduced their new Pre-Mixed Cocktail to the world, they were also inviting millions of caesar lovers to explore the entire Walter brand. The product was positioned, packaged, and priced as a premium competitor, which meant that every Walter interaction had to look and feel just as premium. Above all, the website experience was essential: it was the core of the experience, where new drinkers discovered the products and started the purchase journey.


Premium products need premium experiences.

Consistency is mandatory for premium brands: in design, language, and the user experience. From the overall design to the timing of a transition, everything on the Walter website needed to reflect the high-end, hand-crafted products they offered. Every inch of the design, effects, interactivity, and storytelling was rebuilt using cues from the fashion and luxury retail worlds. Behind the scenes, we wrote a custom backend integration with Shopify for a seamless, elegant purchase process.


Product launches are invitations into the brand.

While the focus of most product launches is (naturally) on the product itself, the entire experience needs to be considered whenever a brand takes action. New products attract new customers, who want to explore and engage with the entire brand, and who judge every touchpoint as a single, cohesive first impression. The success of Walter's new premixed caesar relied as much on a quality beverage as it did a quality brand.