Porsche’s customer base has a median age of 55, but the dream of ownership takes hold decades prior. To connect with future prospects in this increasingly competitive category, we brought them back to the place their passion first began—their bedroom walls.

Campaign Components

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The decision to buy a Porsche happens long before you step foot in a dealership.

It’s a decision sparked by a lifelong passion for the brand. But as Canada’s luxury automotive industry experiences year-over-year growth, legacy automakers like Porsche are facing increased competition for long-term brand preference.


To set the stage for future sales, we had to connect with the next generation of owners.

Porsche needed to broaden its appeal and reach out to a new audience: younger, affluent adults. By tapping into our target’s penchant for nostalgia, we set out to make them feel just as passionate about today’s models as the iconic classics they dreamed of in their youth.


By striking a nostalgic chord, we gave them something new to dream about.

We worked with an automotive artist to reimagine Porsche’s 2017 models in a style that harkened back to the posters sports car enthusiasts remember from their childhood. After teasing and sharing each design on social media, we directed fans to a landing page where they could download the posters for their phone. Super fans, race car drivers, celebrities, and media received physical prints to hang in their homes and share with their followers.


With over 2 million impressions earned, our modern posters became instant classics.

Vintage Meets Modern resonated with the younger drivers we wanted to attract: over 66% of participants were between 25 and 44—an increase of 48% over our average engagement rate with this age group. Thousands of future owners were inspired to hang the posters on their walls, and 71% of those who visited the campaign website downloaded one of the wallpapers to their phone. But the real payoff will be realized in the years to come, when this group’s newfound love of Porsche translates into them purchasing one of their own.