Canadian Olympic Committee



For the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, we created a campaign that redefined what Team Canada is today, and a platform to build on for the future.


Not all Canadians felt represented by Team Canada.

The desire to be represented is strong— 71% of us are interested in our Olympic Team —but 29% aren’t interested at all and a small percentage of Canadians aren’t even aware of Team Canada. Without the interest in sports, the reason to follow and support Team Canada was missing for over 11 million Canadians. Team Canada was seen as a sports team: representing the best of our athletes, not the best of our country.


Change the idea of what we’re supporting.

By shifting the focus from sport to the set of values that both Team Canada and Canadians share, we were able to create a platform that represented more than just athletes. Now, everyone could feel like they belonged to Team Canada.


Invite all Canadians to follow their path to glory.

Everyone has the potential to achieve glory. The people we featured and the stories we shared were all different and diverse examples of Canadians achieving their individual version of glory - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. By opening the aperture to feature more than just Olympic athletes in the campaign (a first for Team Canada) we were able to create an inclusive vision of what it means to be Olympic.


More fans for Team Canada.

Glory from Anywhere converted non fans into fans and helped attract purpose seeking sponsors.

By the end of the Games we had converted 1.5 million Canadians into new fans (+4%) and made 3 in 4 Canadians (75%) more interested in the Canadians Olympic Team. After viewing the campaign 44% of Canadians had a more positive opinion of Team Canada, with new 57% of New Canadians feeling even more connected to the brand (+13pts)

And on the sponsorship side, our new direction played a vital role in attracting big brands like Lululemen on and Sobey’s who saw the values based direction to be a perfect alignment with their purpose driven strategies.