While the 1st chapter of CAMH’s Not Today campaign made the bold promise that suicide can be prevented, year 2 was all about making good on that promise. From problem to solution, the evolved platform showed people how their support of CAMH is already translating into more effective treatments, more equitable care, and more hope for people living with mental illness.


Build on the momentum from year 1 to reach an ambitious fundraising goal.

CAMH started a movement with the powerful promise that suicide can be prevented—but promises mean nothing without action. To build on the success of year one and help CAMH reach their fundraising goal, we needed to link donations to progress—and inspire people to accelerate that progress.


Show people how their support is creating tangible solutions in mental health.

Everything CAMH does ultimately leads to the prevention of suicide by improving mental health outcomes, whether that be research into new treatments, stigma busting, or policy development. To inspire people to keep giving, we needed to bring these solutions into the conversation.


Make research memorable and digestible.

The evolved platform showed people how mental health research is saving lives today by highlighting discoveries and solutions that everyday people can wrap their heads around, like a molecule that has the power to reverse memory loss or a natural supplement new moms can take to prevent postpartum depression.

Each piece of creative focused on a single area of impact, with 8 unique areas of research represented throughout the campaign in its entirety.