Since Koodo wants you to choose happy and is all about creating the best experience for their customers, it made too much sense not to create a service like Shock-Free Data. With the sole purpose of watching people’s backs, it pauses their data when they reach their limit so they never get an unexpected data overage charge again.

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People were starting to distrust their phone companies and believed they didn't have their best interests in mind.

We needed to attract new mobile customers and get people talking positively about our brand while trying to overcome industry wide trust issues. We also wanted to separate ourselves from the competition with no substantial differentiation in service or offerings.


Show people that Koodo always has their back.

Most people have been burned by unexpected data overages at some point in their mobile phone owning lives. And anyone who has been burned knows it’s a horrible feeling, leading to anger and annoyance with their phone providers. If we could prove that Koodo doesn't play that game, and would never surprise you with an unexpected bill, we could rebuild trust and show how we always have our customers backs.


Take unexpected data overages out of the equation altogether.

Being gouged for extra data charges every month is simply unfair. And unfair is not a word Koodo wants to use to describe itself. So together we created a new service called Shock-Free Data. It pauses consumer’s data before they go over their limit, removing the fear of costly overages while increasing the feeling of trust. We touted the benefits of Shock-Free Data by showing how it would help out in highly relatable situations.

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People believed us.

Our transparent approach to data overages built trust with our consumers. Shock Free Data grew the subscriber base by 8% and made its users more comfortable using their data, which in turn resulted in an 115% increase in data top-up revenue on a monthly basis.