Putting people in charge of their mobility experience.

Public Mobile sets out to prove that mobility should always be on the customer’s terms.


Mobility is anything but mobile

These days, people want to be in control of their mobility experience. Not locked into contracts or tied down to bundles of services they don’t need or use. The more that phone companies take away people’s power over their mobility experience, the more that people want the phone but not the phone company.


So Public Mobile brought independence to mobility

With no contracts, hidden fees, surprise charges or bills, Public Mobile puts the power of mobility into people’s hands. Finally, Canadians can join a carrier where they can be in charge of their mobility experience.


We told Canadians the news with an integrated brand campaign

Our integrated campaign answered people’s biggest questions about phone companies. With fun and no-nonsense responses, Public Mobile goes head to head with the mobility industry, challenging the things that don’t make sense or add up. And always offering people a solution - joining a phone company that puts the power in people’s hands.


Successfully positioning Public Mobile as the telco that puts you in charge of your mobility.

With the launch of our new communications campaign we grew Canadian’s familiarity and consideration of the Public Mobile brand and its value. And, we launched the brand on a journey to earn a position within the category that addresses a modern mobility need.


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