Kraun Electric




Electricity is essential. We believe satisfaction should be too.


The residential electrical industry is hit, and mostly, miss.

There’s very little loyalty or trust when it comes to service providers. Customers tend to view the industry as transactional, and they simply aren’t aware that there is a better option available to them.


An elevated electrical experience.

When it comes to service, trust is the most valuable asset. Kraun is constantly engaged with customers and helping them stay connected to the power they need, whenever they need it. So, rather than focusing on the day to day electrical needs, we focused on connecting with customers on a human level and building long lasting relationships.


Never underestimate the power of a connection.

This is true in electricity and customer service. That’s why we rebranded Kraun electric to have a cohesive brand and distinct design, making sure that at every touchpoint they have the credibility to make connections that last. Our campaign established Kraun as a trusted source, and one that empowered customers with peace of mind.


Kraun Home Electric leads increased +12% from same period year-over-year while sales increased +8% for same period.

The new web design and in market campaign increased traffic +67.5% year-over-year and sessions increased +106%.