Koodo is a mobility brand built to deliver happiness above and beyond the data, devices, and deals people expect. But during the mobility industry’s sale periods, shoppers become focused entirely on price, and ‘happiness’ falls to the bottom of the list.


It was a price war that Koodo couldn’t afford to win. Or lose.

The sale periods are the most competitive and most lucrative times for mobility brands. Competing on price was normal for Koodo, but as more discount brands entered the category, it became increasingly difficult to offer low prices. Without a large advertising budget or any unique offers, the need for some non-financial advantage was vital.


So we played a different game altogether.

How do you bring an emotional value like happiness to a price conversation? By introducing a whole new conversation into the sale period: not just the deals we have, but why you should get this deal right now. All the reasons why getting a new phone, more data, or switching carriers was a good idea today.


By adding new value to the entire sale program, every deal became more valuable.

To tell people why sales were the right time to buy, we looked at when they were happening: March, June, Oct, and December. One sale per season. And so the Koodo Seasonal Sales were born. Not just great deals on phones each season, but because of the season. Because we throw out our phones during spring cleaning. Or smash them to bits in winter sports. Now, Koodo’s sales are saving us money and saving us from the unhappiness that every season brings. A whole new value that elevated our commoditized deals above the competition.


Less money lost to low prices. More new people choosing Koodo.

Instead of investing in matching competitive offers, we reassigned a fraction of that cost into the advertising budget to create new value. In its first year, the Koodo Seasonal Sale campaigns added new customers and grew brand consideration in our future customers. In the first Summer Sale, the industry’s weakest sale period, Koodo gained over 40% more new customers and grew brand consideration by 10 points, while every other carrier was flat or in decline.