We put choice back in the hands of the people and gave them more of what they need or want and less of what they don’t.


People’s definition of a happy mobility experience has changed.

Since 2015, Koodo has been providing Canadians with the happiest mobility experience. While the category was infamous for bad service, price gouging and unfair contracts, Koodo carved out a position as the opposite—a wireless carrier that put customers’ needs first.

But over the years, the category has changed. More competitors have arrived, with many either copying Koodo’s people-first approach, or simply charging less.

Koodo needed to find a new way to keep people happy.


Put choice back in the people’s hands.

In today’s crowded market, a lot of carriers are offering more for more, or less for less. You can either get a package full of things you don’t need or want, or one that’s just the bare necessities. Nobody was offering more of the things you want AND less of the things you don’t.

Koodo was the perfect carrier to answer this unmet need and deliver exactly what consumers were looking for—choice.


At Koodo, you can choose what makes you happy.

We introduced our new positioning to Canadians with an integrated campaign including TV, Digital Video, OOH, and Spotify. Our messaging demonstrated people’s need for personalization through a series of light-hearted, relatable scenarios and showed how Koodo can help them find what’s just right for them.


It looks like it was the right choice.

Since launching the campaign in May, the brand has gained over 10MM digital media impressions, achieving +140% above our target goal.

Even better, the positioning has been adopted beyond the campaign to become a commitment by the company to delivering choice in mobility across all customer touch points.

In doing so, we have carved out a fresh competitive advantage for Koodo and turned the brand into something that the majority of Canadians are looking for.