Glorious & Free



We launched a book about Canadian counter-culture during Canadiana’s most commoditized time in history — our 150th birthday.

What we did

  • Video
  • Web
  • Print
  • Brand Identity
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Glorious and Free isn’t your typical Canadiana book. It’s not about mounties and maple syrup; it’s a showcase of what it means to be a modern Canadian.

It was also a book with a problem: A minuscule budget, a cluttered category, and a launch during Canada’s 150th birthday— the most competitive moment for Canadiana in history.


Rather than launch yet another Canadiana book into a commoditized category, we launched the belief behind it.

The belief that Canadians aren’t timid, predictable, conservative, or homogenous – but diverse, creative, leading pioneers in the modern world. We championed the modern Canadian and created a brand that put the new national identity front and centre.


Every part of the Glorious & Free brand launch brought these beliefs to life. Every piece questioned our traditions, challenged our stereotypes, and declared that we are so much more than our past.

We created a print campaign questioned the true icons of Canada. The website explored the incredible array of game-changing Canadians featured in the book. And a brand video challenged the very meaning of the Canadian Oath of Citizenship and the provocative, political, and personal expressions of what it means to defend our country.


The introduction of the Glorious & Free book and brand has created a new chapter in Canadian history. We created a platform for all Canadians to stand on and a place to showcase the lives who truly live glorious and free.