Walter Caesar



Caesars may be the most Canadian cocktail of all, but they are very polarizing among Canadians. Walter Craft Caesar believes in using premium, all-natural ingredients and nothing artificial, and for the launch of their new Pre-Mixed Cocktails they were going to have to be just as uncompromising about embracing an uncomfortable truth.


Launching a polarizing product in a crowded category.

Walter was launching their ready-to-drink caesar into a category full of preconceived notions — particularly, that pre-mixed caesars were bland, lesser quality substitutes for a real caesar. To introduce a new option, despite it being a high-quality, highly-crafted option, we had to spice things up.


By focusing on those who wouldn’t buy it, we reached those who would.

Rather than trying to convince Caesar haters to change their mind, we wanted to use them to attract Caesar lovers. We knew that the more the haters despised this Caesar, the more authentic it was. In a market that’s saturated with boastful claims, we doubled down with a bold approach.


The more people hate it, the more Caesar lovers love it.

The campaign launched with an unexpected twist on testimonials, Detestimonials: a classic taste-test of Walter’s Pre-Mixed Caesar, featuring people who hate caesars. A poster & social campaign continued to push the haters away from the new product, and push the Walter brand into a bolder, category leader role. As we continued to embrace the haters, we gave Caesar lovers even more reasons to love Caesars.