As the modern standards exceeded the classic Disney stories, the Disney Princesses were no longer viewed as strong role models for kids. But when the Princesses were separated from the out-of-date stories, parents realized that they were far stronger and more contemporary than they’d ever believed.

Campaign Components

  • Video
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Activations at Walt Disney parks
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The world of female role models had moved on from the damsels-in-distress.

Once regarded as aspirational characters, Disney Princesses were now viewed as traditional, old-fashioned, and helpless without a man. In turn, modern women were raising their daughters without the Princesses in their lives.


While the stories were out-of-date, the Princesses themselves were anything but.

Disney needed to reposition the Princesses to show they were actually aligned with modern principles. Looking beyond the script, we discovered that every single Princess character was exactly what modern parents were looking for: strong, independent, creative, and driven to achieve their dreams. The Princesses just needed a platform to show this to the world.


The Princesses were reborn: not as traditional heroes, but as motivational speakers.

We created the Princess Principles program: a motivational program that brought the Princess’ principles to life. Eleven beautifully-animated motivational posters and videos were sent far and wide, each with a quote was an encouraging, empowering message that showed young girls how to become their best. And surprisingly, each quote was attributed to the last person you would’ve expected: a so-called frail, helpless, and traditional Disney Princess.


And parents saw the Princesses for who they truly were: strong, modern women.

The Princess Principles exploded, both online and at the Parks. They were shared thousands of times across social, adapted by Disney Global, and turned into installations across Disney parks around the world. The campaign was and is continually redefining parents’ perceptions of the Princess lineup, and has become an integral part of the Disney Princess program — not because of the Princesses’ beauty, but because of their principles.