When the financial world is all about results, your advertising has to deliver the same. See how our disciplined campaign approach repositioned a brand and reinvented a category.

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For sixty years, AGF Investments has been a leader in the mutual fund category, but in recent years, the brand had been in steady decline

The category had become incredibly commoditized: with over 17,000 options to choose from, AGF had no way to differentiate itself. And as newer, sexier FinTech, AI, and ETF offerings appeared, Financial Advisors were leaving ‘traditional’ firms like AGF behind, bringing them to significant declines in Advisor recommendations and assets under management.


We conducted a sweeping research study and the insights we found were clear:

As the investment world had become wild and volatile, Advisors were all under pressure to find a mutual fund company that delivered confidence, peace of mind, and stability. AGF, through their consistent, repeatable growth, was positioned to do just that.


The brand was completely rebuilt around the new position, Invested in Discipline.

The classic tiger logo evolved into a more powerful style, and a new design system modernized everything the brand created, from communications to collateral, to content. Their 900-page website was rebuilt from scratch, transformed from an information archive into an advisor toolbox of knowledge, products, and services.

The brand was launched with a new mass, digital, and content marketing campaign. Each piece proved how discipline discovers the path to long-term growth in the face of increasing market volatility. The campaign challenged the norms of investing, revealing unseen growth beyond the typical ‘opportunities’.


The campaign was an instant and continued success. Invested in Discipline directly translated brand success into business results: 15% growth in Financial Advisors likely to recommend AGF to their clients; 9% gain in assets under management growth in 2017 (to 37.3 billion); and a 45% increase in gross sales, compared to the industry average of just 9%.