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We’re looking for a Strategy Director to lead two of our biggest clients. It’s not for everyone, but it could be for you.

01.About us

Camp Jefferson is a family.

Fit is everything here: it's a team of lovely, bright, dedicated self-starting team players who are doing everything they can to help each other succeed and grow (so you can imagine how anyone looking out for themselves would stand out like a sore thumb.) It's a you-get-what-you-give structure, driven by character, maturity, partnership, and amazing opportunities. And it's what powers our diverse selection of Canada's best minds to create powerful work and meaningful results.

02.What we do

We Design Choice.

The success of every business in the world depends on one thing: choice. Sales, subscriptions, or shares — every measure and metric is the result of being chosen over their competitors. At Camp Jefferson, we design people's choices. Our strategy department discovers what we need to change in people so they'll choose our client. And our creative departments build the creations and conversations that make those changes happen.  

03.Our team

Our strategy team is small, mighty, and involved.

Each team member is the sole strategy lead on their clients. In this case, we're looking for our next strategy lead for Koodo and Porsche. Together with the account and creative teams, you'll be responsible for bringing real change to your clients’ businesses with strategies that change how people choose. You'll work with our account leads to deliver business and brand guidance to sharp client teams in evolving categories. 

04.The future

And we’re always evolving.

We're building new methods and techniques to constantly produce more effective strategies. Here, strategy is a creative process; the art of inference and deduction from data and behavioural sciences. So while you'll need the experience and ability to deliver for our clients, you'll also need the confidence to throw it all out the window and help us build an even greater way to even greater strategies.


  • Strategy Director for Koodo and Porsche: brand/consumer strategy and connection planning.
  • Enough experience and maturity to be the single strategist for multiple, engaged clients.
  • Ideally have experience in telco, automotive, and/or luxury.
  • Experience sourcing research and working with research firms.
  • Highly collaborative and zero ego.
  • Mentor strategists as your team and our department grows.


  • Leading & developing consumer and channel strategies.
  • Primarily comms, web, retail, design, social, and technology.
  • Integration with media, multicultural, retail strategy.
  • Strategy as a service: ad-hoc client consultation, proactive insight and opportunity sharing.
  • Case study and New Business proposal development.
  • Helping develop and test new strategic methods, process, tools, workshops.


  • Autonomy, responsibility, and dedicated client relationships.
  • Unbeatable agency & client culture.
  • A tight, experienced team that’s always developing something new.
  • Senior mentorship and high-touch management team.
  • Perks! Mobile phone, benefits, and access to our global collective.
  • Exceptional work/life balance in an agency actively invested in your personal and career growth.
  • Office is located near a Pizzaville.


  • Be Good, Be Here, and Believe: we stick to our values and measure each other on them.
  • Collaborating with your peers to gain different perspectives.
  • The willingness to share work early & often with your clients.
  • The confidence to believe you’ll make something the great, and the humility to know the best idea can come from anyone.
  • Self-starters who can help move the process forward at any stage.


As you can probably tell, we take our hiring seriously. We’re looking for awesome, capable people who are looking to give everything they’ve got and grow into something they’ve never been before.

It’s a lot, but if you’re up for it, give us a shout! We’d love to say hello and get into all this with you. Thanks for your time, and stay safe out there.



Executive Strategy Director


SVP, Director of Strategy